A Green Face Lift at Telford Park in Plainville


PLAINVILLE - A 20-foot-high bonfire was the highlight of the town's Winter Festival last year, but it left a patch of turf at the town park scarred and damaged.
So, when Christeen Restante of Village Green apartments asked Fire Chief Justin Alexander if there was anything her company could do to help the town, he asked her if the patch of turf could be replaced.

Restante and her parent company, Chestnut Hill Realty, went a large step further.

It provided the park with $10,000 worth of landscaping that included a spring clean up, tree pruning, tree removal, mulching, weeding, edging, decorating and, of course, new turf on a section of the soccer field.

Subcontractors for the firm, such as The Grounds Keeper and Tree Tech of Foxboro pitched in.

Tim Dolan, director of horticulture for Chestnut Hill, said it is company policy to try to give back to communities where it does business.
He said Plainville, like a lot of towns, has a tight budget and can use the aid his firm was able to provide.
"We're very willing to donate and help out," he said.

Restante said employees from the apartments she manages pitched in to clean up on Earth Day.

John Teiner, the new park and recreation director in Plainville, said he appreciates everything the company did for the town. It shows its dedication to the community, he said.

"It's a great partnership, and hopefully a working relationship that will last a long time," he said.

Article appeared in the Sun Chronicle on 5-31-15. View the article here.